Holiday Travel Insurance - Simple Advice For Your Peace of Mind

We all look forward to our annual foreign holiday and spend an awfully long time choosing our resort and accommodation. However, although we all know the importance of travel insurance we spend a tiny amount of time in comparison checking we buy the correct medical insurance cover.

Firstly, although it is very convenient to book everything with the tour operator you would be wise to shop around for your cover. Why? Quite simply you can save a lot of money by shopping around for your cover. Even if you were totally happy paying the tour operator the price you were quoted you should still compare as you will without doubt find a better policy with better cover by looking elsewhere.

Believe it or not, some holiday companies actually make more money from selling you the insurance than the selling the holiday itself! If you are lucky to travel out of the country then you would be prudent to look into buying an annual policy. This type of policy will cover you for unlimited travel for a year for a fraction more than a tour operators single policy.

Some bank customers actually have built in travel insurance that they are totally unaware of. If you pay a small amount of money for an upgraded personal bank account you will almost always have a travel policy included within this. It is always worth checking. You need to know that if you have accidentally two separate travel insurance policies in place you will not get twice the cover if you make a claim. Each insurer will pay half of the total claim so there is no advantage to the insured person.

Finally, before you leave for the airport you should check that you have your passport, flight tickets but also your travel insurance documents as these can often be forgotten about and can lead to severe problems if you need medical attention whilst abroad.