Diamond Holiday Travel Review

Diamond Holiday Travel is the latest multi-level travel company to begin promoting its prelaunch, or in this case pre-prelaunch. I am going to cut to the chase about the details of this company. There is a one time fee of $300 which comes along with a free travel voucher. No inventory or monthly expenses. The overall concept of this company is similar to some of the recent board structure programs we have seen with TVI and Royal Cruise Matrix, where new members only pay a one time fee to become a part of the business. This approach works well considering the attrition rate with MLM is so large. Diamond Holiday Travel has a revolving matrix compensation plan. I was unable to find a detailed version of how exactly it works on their website but I believe to understand the gist of it. If you sponsor a bunch of people and receive a ton of spillover you will make money. It is as simple as that. This company is new to the network marketing industry and the latest to of many to enter the travel segment. You essentially become a part of travel club which offers many perks to its members and looks to be a good amount of fun as you develop camaraderie with your team and other like-minded travelers. When I look at Diamond Holiday Travel I see another opportunity where there is potential to make money. However, mostly what I see is a lot of people that are trying to be the first to jump into a pre-launch company in hopes of making a massive residual check. Here is the secret to all MLM companies and Diamond Holiday Travel is no different. Everyone who is successful in an MLM has worked their tail off; there is no get rich quick by finding an opportunity early and sitting on your duff. Diamond Holiday can be a lucrative opportunity for someone looking to join a new company and making an income by putting in strong effort. If you are someone who is moved by the prelaunch approach to marketing the latest opportunity, chances are you will be moving on to the next one in about a month when you don't see any checks from Diamond. Matt is a top trainer and internet marketing coach who works with many industry leaders from around the world. To learn more about Matt or how you can earn five figures monthly from home in your spare time without having to sell, take a look at Total Time Freedom