Christmas Vacation Packages - When Is The Best Time To Book Your Holiday Travel?

Wouldn't be wonderful to celebrate the holidays with your family in the Caribbean, Or in the Mexican Riviera. Leave the cold weather behind, lying on a sun drenched white sand beach listening to the waves of the Caribbean sea crashing in. Well over 200,000 families from the U.S. do this every year, but when is the best time to book your holiday vacation?
While during Christmas and New Years you would think that most wouldn't travel to a Caribbean island, and that the resorts would have great prices, well you are wrong! It is one of the busiest travel times of the year for travel out of the country. So you are wondering when is the best time to book your holiday travel.
Well the time is now (spring and summer months) Your are not going to get many good deals on resorts booking now, because they really don't offer hardly any discounts over the holidays. And the resorts that are offering the discounts are either very low end or very high end properties, and more than likely it's not going to be a discount on your stay, but in the form of a coupon book or resort credit for spa treatments or other on site activities, this in it's self can be very nice, but won't keep money in your pocket. I had a thought while I was writing this post (April 21st 2012), I would just take a quick look at the resorts available in Cancun Mexico, from December 23rd to December 30th, I found 7 of them that are already sold out for those dates.
What I have seen over the years is that the best deals are all gone by August, The mid priced resorts sell out first, (3 and 4 star) Than the low end properties ( 1 to 2 ½ star) Leaving the high end 5 star resorts for those that didn't think to book early. Not that staying at a 5 star resort is a bad thing, if you can afford it, the jump from a 4 star to a five star during the holidays can be anywhere from $2000.00 $5000.00 or more.
How Can I Save Money On A Holiday Vacation Package
The resorts have already set their prices for the holiday travel season of free porn hd, and you are going to pay a premium for these dates for sure. What I have seen is that the airfare prices start to go up around September, and of course keep going up until the end of the year. So by booking early you are going to get in on the lower airfare rates. For a family of 4 this could be as much as $1500.00 or more just in airfare cost.
Book your holiday vacation package early, start pricing in April and book by the end of May, before the best deals are gone. Look for charter flights, who wants to spend hours in an airport with thousands of other travelers on layover flights. Be open on your travel dates this can save you even more on airfare. It maybe a lot cheaper to leave on a Friday than on a Monday, sometimes the cost difference could be an extra day at the resort!

Holiday Travel Insurance - Simple Advice For Your Peace of Mind

We all look forward to our annual foreign holiday and spend an awfully long time choosing our resort and accommodation. However, although we all know the importance of travel insurance we spend a tiny amount of time in comparison checking we buy the correct medical insurance cover.

Firstly, although it is very convenient to book everything with the tour operator you would be wise to shop around for your cover. Why? Quite simply you can save a lot of money by shopping around for your cover. Even if you were totally happy paying the tour operator the price you were quoted you should still compare as you will without doubt find a better policy with better cover by looking elsewhere.

Believe it or not, some holiday companies actually make more money from selling you the insurance than the selling the holiday itself! If you are lucky to travel out of the country then you would be prudent to look into buying an annual policy. This type of policy will cover you for unlimited travel for a year for a fraction more than a tour operators single policy.

Some bank customers actually have built in travel insurance that they are totally unaware of. If you pay a small amount of money for an upgraded personal bank account you will almost always have a travel policy included within this. It is always worth checking. You need to know that if you have accidentally two separate travel insurance policies in place you will not get twice the cover if you make a claim. Each insurer will pay half of the total claim so there is no advantage to the insured person.

Finally, before you leave for the airport you should check that you have your passport, flight tickets but also your travel insurance documents as these can often be forgotten about and can lead to severe problems if you need medical attention whilst abroad.

Cebu Holiday - Travel Guide

Philippines are just a tiny speck when you look at your world map. It is called the "Pearl in the Orient". Even though small, this country is one of the most incredible in Asia with rich culture, traditions and background because it was colonized by many foreign countries for centuries such as Spain, Japan and the United States. Cebu is among the most contemporary, as well as highly developed, provinces in the Philippines. Cebu's capital city with the same name is the center of trade, commerce, industry and schooling in the Visayas area. Visayas lies among the two other main islands of the country - Luzon and Mindanao. Cebu's elegance has amazed many foreigners who visit the province and was lately named the 4th Best Island Location in Asia by a UK magazine called Conde' Nast Traveler.

Cebu is precisely located east of Negros and west of Leyte and Bohol, equally wonderful individual island provinces. Although the land is small, it has an astounding 3.5 million populace and growing rapidly every year. For the Cebuanos, the people of Cebu believe that having a large family is their pride and glory. Cebuano families are considered to be close knit. The province of Cebu is the perfect getaway for outdoor enthusiasts because it is surrounded by other beautiful 167 islands.

You will get lots of great things to in Cebu, whether you are an adventurer, food lover, shopper, bargain hunter, or night life fan, you are able to easily satisfy all of these cravings. It has large and elegant shopping malls such as the Metro Gaisano Mall, Ayala Mall, SM Mall and Robinson's Mall. You can also find a lot of arts and crafts shops, souvenir stores, fashion boutiques, restaurants and take out chains such as very popular Jollibee, Shakey's, Chowking and McDonald's. Should you simply like to meet people, the nightlife in Cebu abounds.

You will get a lot of great bars, cafes, and night clubs. You can also watch the newest movies in many cinema houses in some of the large malls in Cebu City. Beach and dive resorts are abundant in Cebu and you find here some of the most incredible hotels and resorts in the world. Mountain biking and mountain climbing are favorite outdoors activities in some of its most beautiful nature reserves.

Climate: Cebu only has two seasons each year - rainy season and summer season. Wet Season begins June and ends February. March to May is the official summer season in the Philippines and regarded as the peak season for tourists aside from the holiday season that starts November to December 31st. Generally, the climate in the Cebu is hot and humid during the day and even at night. Summer clothes are best for this province.

Transportation: Cebu offers many public transports which include bus lines, jeepneys, tricycles, motor boats and metered cabs. The jeepneys itself is a true delight to many tourists. The colorful Jeepneys, normally a 16 passenger custom-built public transport can only be found in the Philippines as you move colorful tricycles are 3-wheeled public transports which look like hurrying little crabs in its main roads and highways.

Greece Holidays - Travel Tips

Greece is very well known to for its mountainous landscapes. It is a mythical land with an amazing weather, too many islands surrounding it, hot beaches to refresh. Greece is one of the favorite spots for a lot of Europeans and millions of tourists get attracted to visit this place every year. There was a survey that was conducted for the most famous tourist places and it is really a big deal that Greece holds the 15th place among all. Only from a few years Greece has developed its tourism spots and it provides a comfortable atmosphere for the tourists with proper facilities. Anybody can afford a holiday in Greece as you find all the kinds of accommodation here. You find accommodations such as adult hotels, different kinds of Villas and 7 star hotels too. To avoid all the organizing troubles these days we have lot of tourist companies which provide excellent offers at a cheap prize that includes food, accommodation, cruises and island hopping.

Every year you find millions of people visiting Europe. From May to September is the peak season for the tourists to visit. They visit during this period as the weather is really good, during summer there are nice sunny days without any rains to spoil your holiday but still a few Greece resorts can get windy.lot of couples wish to perform their wedding in these beautiful islands close to Greece where they exchange their love for each other. In fact after your wedding you can also spend your honey moon while driving your car or bike on the beach along the sea. The Greek side of Greece is also ideal for the new kind of tourism like ecology tourism that includes lots of different kinds of activities such as jeep t tours, river trekking, bungee jumping, bird watching, rafting, mountain biking. Greece has lot of activities that all the family members can enjoy right from a kid to an old man has different kinds of things that he can enjoy in Greece. Greece will never be a boring place for any one.

You also have educational spots in Greece where your children can be entertained as well they can spend their time in a useful manner, you have places such as museums and ancient sites for them to have knowledge about the famous Greek culture. Greece is such a place that will always stay in your minds and hearts. You can manage to reach this place by all means of transports, to make it easier for you there are various traveling group programs which organize everything. After visiting Greece if you wish to buy a small house for yourself to visit during the summers than you have lot of real estate offers which will give you a lot of guidance to make things simple for you. Some of the famous tourist destinations are Santorin, Corfu, Naxos, Paros, Rhodes and Koss.The islands around Greece are known as Greece Island and they are really beautiful to visit.

Luxury Holidays - Travel Agents, Timeshare Or Vacation Clubs

The travel industry is a now a $7 trillion global annual market, one of the biggest and most important markets available. Everybody loves holidays and as more money is generated in the emerging markets then the travel industry is going to grow and grow. How do you best take advantage of this burgeoning holiday market? Well, there are a number of options available including using travel agents, buying a timeshare or joining a vacations club and in this article I will try and explain the differences and compare the three modes.

Travel Agents:

Travel agents have been around a long time and can look after your holiday requirements from flight only, hotel / condominiums, package holidays, car rentals in fact just about any holiday requirement you may have. Travel agents are commission based so they make their profit from the difference between the cost of the holiday to them and what they sell the holiday on to you for. Travel agents offer a one stop option for all your holiday requirements, however many of them are tied to large travel organisations who will try to push their own offerings and through this increase their profitability which may mean increased costs for the travelling public.


Timeshare goes back many years where companies bought or built high quality holiday complexes and then sold weeks to the travelling public. These companies mushroomed and timeshare became a major force in the industry. Their appeal increased as timeshare owners were able to join timeshare exchange clubs and swap their weeks at a complex in one country to a complex in anther country. Timeshare developed a number of drawbacks. Firstly they were expensive to join however the value of your timeshare dropped dramatically after your purchase making it difficult to sell your timeshare if you wanted to. In addition with timeshare you bought weeks at different levels, red usually being the most expensive as this was for a week in peak season. When you swapped your timeshare in one of the exchange clubs you could only swap for weeks at a similar season or lower. The other major drawback that came with timeshare is the weekly maintenance costs. Whether you use the timeshare week or not you are still liable for the weekly maintenance cost.

Vacation Clubs

Vacation clubs were brought into being to give their members access to travel and holidays without the drawbacks of timeshare and without the high profits required by the Travel Agents. Vacation clubs buy holidays at heavily discounted prices and then sell these to their members, usually with last minute deals where the greatest discounts are found. There are no ongoing costs with vacation clubs however there can be a high initial one off cost to join, although new entrants are tending to drive this one off cost down the way. Vacation Clubs do not have seasons, once you are a member you can purchase holidays anywhere and at any time and if you do not use the club there are no ongoing charges. One of the benefits of vacation clubs is the opportunity to sell club memberships to others which effectively means that by selling a few memberships you can recoup your initial investment. Again you have to be sure in joining a club that they can offer you the locations and resorts that you will want to holiday in and that you can take advantage of the Club multiple times a year.

In conclusion, there are benefits and drawbacks to all three options. Travel agents are a good one stop shop for either multiple or one off holidays but you do pick up the cost of the profits for the travel company. Timeshares are a good option if you like to holiday at specific times of the year and you enjoy the complex and location where you have bought your weeks. You do need to take into account ongoing maintenance costs and your ability to easily swap your weeks for stays in different locations. Vacation Clubs can be great value but you do need to realise that you are picking up the upfront cost to join. If you like to take multiple holidays a year to different locations then a Vacation Club could be the option for you. In addition if you like the idea of using this as a home business and get the value of low cost holidays then this may be another attraction for you. You do need to do your research and ensure that your Vacation Club has the variety to look after all your holiday requirements and not just one niche.

The internet has obviously had a dramatic affect on the travel industry. This has given the general public the opportunity to easily buy flights, rental cars and hotels over the internet and has certainly brought prices down. There are drawbacks in that if you are trying buy a complete holiday you can be jumping form site to site and try and pull the whole package together. You also have to be careful with buying directly over the Internet as your legal rights are different from other purchase options. Certainly, for flights only, it is very hard to see past the internet but you need to be aware what travel protection you are covered by.

Bali Holiday Travel and Accommodation

Here is a short bit of information on Bali holiday adventures. Me and the family has been to Bali 4 times in the last three years and have always had the most exiting time in Bali. We have had some great experiences including some not so pleasing one's also.

One i can think of was when we visited the Bali safari park when my wife, son who was then 3 and my daughter who was 2 were having a photo taken with an orangutan which after were going to view the pictures taken when my little son slipped down the step and tumbled fore head first in to a post his face was absolutely covered in blood, the guide as me if he could pick him up and run to the first aid room with him. So i raced of following the worker of the Bali Safari park with my son and had his head all cleaned up and bandaged. I must say the staff did a great job of trying to look after my son.

We generally stay at the beach resorts which are always friendly and family orientated. The Jayakarta is a favorite as we have now stayed there on two visits to Bali and are planning to stay there for our next trip in 2011. Bali beach accommodation seems to be the preferred selection in my view as this is where i prefer to stay when visiting Bali. There is always friendly people everywhere you look, we have met some of the greatest people who we now call friends and keep in regular contact with.

There is so much Bali holiday accommodation available to choose from. Bali hotels and villas seem to be the most popular by far.

The Bali beach hotels seem to do a roaring trade and are also one of my favorites. When looking for bali holiday accommodation there are a number of factors you should be thinking of :

1. What are you looking to be doing on your holiday? are you looking to be staying in the resort or hotel quite a bit maybe lazing around the pool. 2. Do you like the fast living or do you just intend on taking it easy? There are numerous activities you can be doing in Bali, Surfing, Diving, Doing the slides at Water Bom Park, Visiting Ubud and the monkey forest or mabee having lunch at the volcano whatever the holiday you are on you can find a world of tours and activities.

I also love the beach and sitting down at one of the beach bars in the afternoon for a few quiet ones while the wife gets a pedicure and does a little bargaining and the kids are playing in the sand. You always end up in a group talking about your travels while we all are watching the sun go down.

If you like shopping then there is plenty of supermarket and shopping centres and you won't be able to miss the thousands of stalls selling products, clothing, ornaments and plenty more. I hope to fill you in on the next post. So next time you are looking t

Beat Motion Sickness During Your Holiday Travel

If you or someone in your family suffers from motion sickness then you have an extra element to prepare for when you think about traveling for the holidays. Not everyone experiences motion sickness the same and it may not happen every time. For example some people get motion sick on a cruise ship but not while they are in a car. Others may get queasy when they are on a train but not on an airplane.

Common symptoms of motion sickness include sweating, nausea, dizziness, saliva in the mouth that is more than usual, and vomiting. Most people know when it is coming on and do all they can to minimize the effects. Many women many suffer from motion sickness when they are pregnant due to the changes taken place in their body. Children are also quite susceptible to it as well.

There are plenty of things you can do on your own to help prevent the effects of motion sickness from occurring. Many adults find they don't suffer from motion sickness if they drive the car. This is because the sensors in their brain view the scenery flashing by differently when they are in the driver's seat. This is why so many get sick when they travel by train. If you are susceptible to motion sickness as a passenger in a car avoid a window seat on a train. You also want to avoid those seats that face backwards.

Children should avoid trying to play games or read books in a moving vehicle if they suffer from motion sickness. They should also ride in the middle seat in order to offer them a view out the front of the vehicle instead of from their peripheral vision on the side windows. Offer them light snacks before travel such as crackers and water. Avoid having them travel on an empty stomach or after eating a large meal.

For those that still suffer from motion sickness, an over the counter or a prescription medication may be required for successful holiday travel to take place. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions of such medications. Don't exceed the recommended dose. If it says to take it with food or water then make sure you do so. Some of them require consumption during a specific period of time prior to your departure so pay attention to this important detail.

Even so, no method or medication is 100% foolproof when it comes to motion sickness. Some people experience it only once in a while and others deal with it all the time. Try to get to some fresh air if possible. If you are on an airplane turn on the air above you and take slow, deep breaths. You will find bags offered in case you do end up having to vomit. You can also try to make your way to the bathroom where you will have more privacy.

While it may be embarrassing you need to understand you aren't the only one that has problems with motion sickness. The fact that the mode of transportation you are taking may be full during the holiday season can be stressful but you will never have to see most of them ever again. You may want to carry extra clothing with you for those in your part that do suffer from motion sickness, especially children who may end up vomiting on their clothing.

Don't let your holiday travel plans be stopped due to your fear of suffering from motion sickness. Do all you can to subside the symptoms on your own. If that isn't effective then try various over the counter products. As a last resort as your doctor for a prescription medication to help ensure you can get through the travel process so you can enjoy your holidays. If you find certain types of transportation are more difficult for you than others you should avoid them if possible.

Enjoy Excellent Savings on Holiday Travel With Voucher Codes

As most know, the cost of travel has increased over the past couple of years. The struggling economic situation as well as the increased levels of security at airports have increased costs overall and driven the price of a holiday up to new levels. However, regardless of this, many still long to take a holiday and spend time away from the daily grind, soaking up the sun on a beach and leaving their troubles behind. The issue, as always is value for money. Now, thanks to travel discount websites, that is no longer a concern, these impressive websites offer a huge array of travel discounts and in doing so, many have become a trusted resource who aim to make holidays more affordable.

Saving money on holiday travel is one of the main considerations when looking to book a holiday which is why discount travel websites have become trusted, renowned and respected travel resources. Quite simply they offer an impressive array of discounts such as First Choice voucher codes amongst many others, with the explicit aim of saving their growing number of visitors, money.

First Choice is one of a range of premier travel companies offering a variety of worldwide holidays in the sun at some of the most popular locations available. Many holiday companies are family friendly and offer excellent value for money across a whole range of destinations. Many tour operators offer an exciting mix of fun and frolic, coupled with fantastic resorts, most of which have kids clubs, pools and a variety of additional entertainment services. As further testimony, client testimonials on many websites offer excellent references from unbiased viewpoints regarding a range of aspects of the holidays.

To ensure the consumer does not miss an opportunity to obtain value for money when booking a holiday, one feature of a good travel discount website, is an e-mail alert system. The premise is simple. Simply enter a valid e-mail address, which will be utilised to send alerts on the latest deals from the chosen travel provider, direct into your inbox.

A good example of a travel website should not only provide holiday deals, but also encompasses all elements of travel which include airport parking, care hire, flights and hotels as well as rail travel and attraction information. The convenience of these websites is simply that it provides an invaluable service within the confines of one location and in doing so, saves the consumer money on a range of travel related products and services.

Luxury Holiday Travel For the Discerning

When you think of luxury holidays, it evokes different feelings and expectations for different people. Luxury holiday travel can be self-indulgent, allowing you to enjoy things you have craved for a long time. Luxury holidays spark images such as a luxurious silk sheeted 4 poster bed, enjoying a relaxing massage or a pedicure or manicure or simply doing nothing at all on the shores of a tropical paradise. The pleasures of the candlelit bath, the luxury of a holiday trip with your partner or friends can make you feel alive and healthy.

But why do you need such a type of luxury holidays travel experience? The simple reason is that we live life at a fast pace and a luxurious trip to distant or remote shores can help us while away the stress and strains of everyday living. To achieve this, you need to hire the services of a reliable luxury holiday travel company that can provide you with ideas and expert assistance, advising on which hotel, villa or apartment to stay in and ensuring you have the best travel route booked, which will all add up to a fantastic holiday package suited to your requirements.

People want to experience the best life can offer on their luxury holidays travel. These holidays provide them the opportunity to relax, enjoy sight-seeing or the chance to participate in exciting activities. All these activities are unable to find when you are engaged in your normal routine at home or in the office. Many people seek out different qualities when they are looking for accommodation for the gateway of their luxury holidays travel. They try to search it through widespread reputation and preference of people in respect to the experience of other people.

Luxury holidays travel with your family and friends can provide you with a million of memories to cherish. When you plan your holiday trip, you should choose a travel destination which helps to bring the best times for you. Millions of people plan their luxury holidays travel every year. In the planning of luxury holiday travel, you should decide at the onset what you want from your trip, for example, relaxing on a beach, or enjoying water rides and the beauty of natural scenes or a mix of everything! The aim of the holiday operator is to listen to your thoughts and then to help put together the trip of your dreams.

A popular misconception is that a luxury holiday can cost you the earth. If you plan ahead and hire the services of a reputable travel company, you may be pleasantly surprised at the end results in terms of cost when weighed against the quality of your holiday. Careful planning and sensible management of your budget provides you with a great platform to be able to relax and enjoy that once in a lifetime luxury holiday trip.

There are thousands of attractions and places in the world which are worthy to visit the only difficult decision is choosing which one to go to now! But whether you have a fixed idea on where to go or want expert advice on your next luxury holiday then be sure to contact a name you can trust.

Dream Vacation - All Inclusive Travel Resorts

8am. You are lying in a hammock, swinging in the early morning breeze at one of the all inclusive travel resorts you found online. You gaze at the palms swaying over your head and you feel peaceful - and incredibly happy. In fact, you haven't felt this happy in a long while. Suddenly, your alarm clock rings. You jump out of bed, stubbing your toe on the table beside your bed, wondering why the alarm went off just now, when you're sure you set it to 6 am the night before.

The remnants of your beautiful dream vanish as you run to the bathroom. You're running late again. When you finally finish getting dressed and head out the door, you are greeted by traffic. The streets are congested, the cars bumper-to-bumper and honking, drivers yelling at each other in frustration. You sigh. You simply have to run to work today. You arrive in your office, out of breath and sweating. Your boss gives you the evil eye. Thus begins another day at work.

Stressed? Burnt-out? Can't take the noise and pollution of the city one second longer? Well, perhaps it's time to take a well-deserved vacation! If all you want is relaxation at its best, here are some all inclusive travel resorts that will give you the rest that you deserve.

The Caribbean The Caribbean is one most beautiful places you can visit. Pristine beaches, friendly locals, good food, you can never go wrong here. There are also a lot of family-friendly all inclusive travel resorts here. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Holiday Inn Sunspree Montego Bay, Jamaica With four tennis courts, two outdoor pools, a lagoon-like swimming pool with a bar for adults and a children's pool, the Holiday Inn Sunspree is paradise on earth for couples and families. Located at the beachfront of a white sand beach.

2. Starfish Trelawny, Runaway Bay, Jamaica Not very far from Montego Bay, the Starfish Trelawny also boasts of white sand and turquoise beaches. The resort has four freshwater outdoor pools, two Jacuzzis, four hot tubs and a water slide. The resort also offers your whole family a variety of activities from tennis to water sports and even supervised children's activities.

3. Occidental Grand, Aruba Nestled in a lush, tropical surrounding, the Occidental Grand resort is located on the famous Palm Beach. Swim in the beach, get a tan by the pool, play tennis in the morning, eat your fill at their delicious restaurants, have fun with your friends in the bar and try your luck at their casino at night! All these are waiting for you at the Occidental Grand.

What are you waiting for? Go talk to your travel agent and book your tickets now! And the great thing about all inclusive travel resorts, you only pay once for everything. Food, accommodations, activities - absolutely everything - will be ready for you when you arrive. So, go ahead. Make those vacation dreams a reality!

Diamond Holiday Travel Review

Diamond Holiday Travel is the latest multi-level travel company to begin promoting its prelaunch, or in this case pre-prelaunch. I am going to cut to the chase about the details of this company. There is a one time fee of $300 which comes along with a free travel voucher. No inventory or monthly expenses. The overall concept of this company is similar to some of the recent board structure programs we have seen with TVI and Royal Cruise Matrix, where new members only pay a one time fee to become a part of the business. This approach works well considering the attrition rate with MLM is so large. Diamond Holiday Travel has a revolving matrix compensation plan. I was unable to find a detailed version of how exactly it works on their website but I believe to understand the gist of it. If you sponsor a bunch of people and receive a ton of spillover you will make money. It is as simple as that. This company is new to the network marketing industry and the latest to of many to enter the travel segment. You essentially become a part of travel club which offers many perks to its members and looks to be a good amount of fun as you develop camaraderie with your team and other like-minded travelers. When I look at Diamond Holiday Travel I see another opportunity where there is potential to make money. However, mostly what I see is a lot of people that are trying to be the first to jump into a pre-launch company in hopes of making a massive residual check. Here is the secret to all MLM companies and Diamond Holiday Travel is no different. Everyone who is successful in an MLM has worked their tail off; there is no get rich quick by finding an opportunity early and sitting on your duff. Diamond Holiday can be a lucrative opportunity for someone looking to join a new company and making an income by putting in strong effort. If you are someone who is moved by the prelaunch approach to marketing the latest opportunity, chances are you will be moving on to the next one in about a month when you don't see any checks from Diamond. Matt is a top trainer and internet marketing coach who works with many industry leaders from around the world. To learn more about Matt or how you can earn five figures monthly from home in your spare time without having to sell, take a look at Total Time Freedom